How to Raise Girls to Love Their Body Image

Tips for parents to help our daughters love themselves, improve their body image, and their self-esteem.

One of the most common things I hear my tween and teen daughters complain about is how they look. It is hard for me as a mom to hear them get so down on themselves. I recently went to a wonderful body image presentation at my 6th grade daughter’s school. A Dr. that specializes in helping girls and women with medical issues related to how they perceive their body image and self-esteem spoke to the girls and their mothers. He spoke in a frank, yet fun way so the girls would understand but not feel anxious or embarrassed.┬áThere are many ways we can help our daughters love their body image and increase their self-esteem. Here are some ideas:

1. There’s nothing wrong with being a different shape or size from someone else. We are all different and unique. At the classroom presentation, the Dr. showed a picture of a bunch of different fruits and veggies. Some were tall and narrow, others were wide and short. All of these were healthy foods that many find delicious. Not one is better than another. He talked about wishing that he was just a few inches taller when he was growing up. No matter what he did, he couldn’t make himself grow any taller. It really bummed him out for some time, until he matured enough to realize that being taller would not make him any happier or better.

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