How to Cope when Parenting Gets Tough

What do you do when parenting gets tough? Ideas on how to cope, build better relationships, improve your circumstances, and be ok with where you are.

I don’t know any parent that thinks being a parent is a breeze. We all have challenges when raising our kids. All kids make mistakes, have life lessons to learn, and learn how to push our buttons. What do you do when parenting gets tough? What are some ways to cope and find gratitude through the difficult times?

1. Recognize that we have a tendency to magnify the bad stuff when we are emotional. It feels like whatever is happening in that moment is the worst possible thing that could happen. “My child is getting terrible grades and hates school. He’s probably going to drop out of high school and become a bum on the street. And I will have failed as a parent. And everyone will know.” This is more common for women because men can more easily compartmentalize and not dwell on things when they are busy with other stuff.

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Raising Strong-Willed, Spirited Kids Part 2

How to raise strong-willed, spirited kids with less stress and frustration. These kids have amazing hearts, big energy, and bold spirits. Learn how to help them develop their strengths and have compassion for others.
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This is the second part of my series “How to Raise Strong-Willed Kids“. Raising spirited kids that are strong-willed, courageous, and stubborn can be challenging. If they are given the room they need to learn and grow, yet still have boundaries, spirited kids can become adults who think for themselves, are strong in their beliefs, and can withstand the pressures from society and friends to become something different than who they really want to be. These kids have amazing strengths that they just need to learn to cultivate, while developing respect and compassion for others.

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How to Raise Strong-Willed Kids Part 1

How to raise strong-willed kids to make good choices and understand the best way to use their creative, spirited energy.
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Do you have a child that is stubborn and seems to want to learn everything the hard way? Maybe they test the limits over and over or they have big, passionate feelings. They can also be thought of as spirited and courageous. They want to try new things, be in charge of themselves, and they always want to be right. It can be difficult to know how to guide and parent kids like this. I went to a few classes at BYU Education week last summer that were taught by Kevin Hinckley on this topic. He gave us some great tips on parenting strong-willed kids.

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