10 Ways You Can Fight Depression

The best way to fight depression is to take action, even if it's baby steps. These ideas will help you or a loved one fight depression or SAD. Free printable chart.

‘Tis the season when depression often steps up a notch. Cold, dark, wintry days when it’s hard to get outside for sunshine and fresh air create a recipe for seasonal depression and major depression to set in stronger than ever. However, there are things we can do to fight it! I created this visual to remind my family members of what we can do to help ourselves when we are feeling depressed. The best way to fight depression is to take action, even if it’s baby steps. Therapy and medication can be very helpful, but not all inclusive. These ideas can sometimes be enough without needing therapy and medication, and they can be great supplements in addition to therapy and medication.

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How to Stop “If Only” Negative Thinking

Is "If Only" negative thinking getting you stuck, making it hard to move on and enjoy the present? Here's 7 tips to help you move forward with your life. Don't let your thoughts control you.

We all do it. We think about a situation that did not turn out the way we wanted it to and start dwelling on “If Only” negative thinking. “If only I had left 15 minutes earlier, I wouldn’t be stuck in this traffic.” “If only I had not caught this virus. I should have been more careful or avoided going there.” “If only my spouse would listen to me better. Then we wouldn’t fight.”

Dwelling on “If Only’s” does not change our current circumstance. Our negative thinking only drags us down and causes us to live in the past. You can’t move forward when your mind is stuck on what happened last.

Here’s some tips on stopping that “If Only” Negative Thinking and moving forward.

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