Surviving Valentine’s When You’re Single

7 Tips on Surviving Valentine's Day When You're Single
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There seems to be a lot of expectations about Valentine’s Day. It can feel like a day full of couples and romantic love, so if you’re single, suddenly your singleness feels more pronounced than ever. When I was divorced, I decided that Valentine’s Day didn’t have to be a day about romantic relationships, it could be a day that simply celebrates love. Love for myself, love for my kids, my friends, neighbors, etc. It can be a day or week to enjoy being surrounded by color and fun during the drab cold days of February. It was a paradigm shift for me. No longer did I need to feel sorry for myself because I had nobody to love me, because in reality, I did! I didn’t need romantic love to feel loved.

Here’s 7 ideas on how to embrace Valentine’s Day even when you are single:

1. Brighten up your home. If you like flowers, buy yourself your favorite flowers and put them in a pretty vase. If you like Valentine’s decorations, put some up and enjoy the fun of the season.

2. Plan a fun evening out alone. You could go to a bookstore and enjoy browsing and buy a book you’ve been dying to read. Enjoy a hot drink and read for awhile in the bookstore cafe. Or go shopping for some new clothes. Or bring home your favorite take-out and watch a movie.

3. Get out with friends and do something fun. Go out to a movie, dinner, bowling, sledding, ice skating, whatever you like to do.

4. Throw a mid-winter party and invite some friends or extended family over. It doesn’t even have to be Valentine themed. Just have fun playing games, indulging on treats, and sharing in fun and laughter.

5. If you have kids, make this a special day for them. You could have heart pancakes for breakfast (or dinner!). Put together a little goodie bag for them with a few treats and a small gift like a new bracelet and earrings, or a small stuffed animal.

6. Do a gift exchange with your single friends. Draw out names and buy each other little gifts, then get together for some fun and exchange presents.

7. Share the love. Volunteer at a local community shelter or other organization. For ideas, check out, It’s a proven fact that serving others and looking outside ourselves is a happiness booster.

The Best Way to Find Yourself is to Lose Yourself in the Service of Others - Gandhi
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10 thoughts on “Surviving Valentine’s When You’re Single

  1. Thanks so much for linking up at the Bloggers Spotlight party! I pinned this to our group board. Don’t forget to come link up again on Thursday and see the featured posts!

    I love the idea of a single friends gift exchange! super creative.

  2. These are great tips! This year I am participating in a gift exchange with other women, and it’s fun to pick out something for someone that I don’t know, but can still make feel special. I’m not single, but my partner isn’t into holidays, so I take care of it myself.

    • I love that you are participating in a group gift exchange and are taking care of your desire for fun and holiday gift giving since your partner isn’t into it. Great way to do it!

  3. This is a lovely post. I believe Valentine’s Day is for everyone.:) When I was growing up and even as a young adult, friends would drop by with gifts, we’d go out for dinner as a group, even co workers would give cards to one another…it was a very inclusive day. :) My dad always bought me flowers and the day was special. I like to think it is a day for everyone too, kids, partners, friends, family.:)
    Thanks for a great post!!

    • Thank you! I love that you have always thought of it as a day for everyone. So sweet that your dad always bought you flowers. My husband did that for all the girls in our family last year. They loved it.

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