Reach Your Goals with a Word of the Year

Make changes easier with a word of the year instead of a huge list of overwhelming goals. One word gives you focus and helps you reach your goals. What's your Word of the Year?

I saw an inspiring story on the news last night about how to make a New Years Resolution that will actually stick. They suggested instead of making a list of goals, think of one word that will be your theme this year. Words like grace, kindness, happiness, unselfishness, faith, simplify, strength, hope, peace, or adventure. Think about that word each day and try to have your actions match that theme.

Your word of the year can inspire you to make the better choice, the choice you want to make but sometimes need a little nudge to do so.

For example, if your word is happiness, you will probably make a more conscious effort to smile, to not say negative things, to think of the good more than the bad. If you choose adventure, then you might be looking for some exciting changes or destinations to visit this year. Many other wonderful things will happen that will be a trickle down effect from focusing on your word of the year.

Write your word down where you will see it daily. Make it easier to remember your word and reach your goals. Make it your screen saver, put it in your planner, on your calendar, print it out and stick it on your wall, whatever works for you.

Involve the whole family and have a family meeting talking about what your word of the year is going to be and why you chose it. Then encourage the rest of your family to come up with their word of the year. You could provide some fun paper, stencils, stickers, cut-outs, etc. for the kids to write their word down and decorate it, then stick it on the door or wall of their room.

Need a list of ideas to draw from? There’s a huge list at

What’s your word of the year?

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