Disneyland Resort With a Wheelchair

Navigating Disneyland Resort with a Wheelchair

Last April we visited Disneyland Resort with a wheelchair for the first time. My daughter had a serious long-term illness and wasn’t able to walk for long periods of time. We were worried that because we were going to be at Disneyland during spring break, we would have a hard time riding very many rides, especially with the disability assistance policy changes. However, we found that we were able to ride everything we wanted to with a little smart planning.

Tips for Navigating Disneyland with a Wheelchair

1. Ride the popular attractions first thing in the day. The number one key to beating the crowds is to arrive at least 30 minutes before opening so you have plenty of time to get through security, then get in line (look for a short line in the middle), to be through the gates at opening time.

2. If you have a wheelchair or ECV, you don’t need to get Disneyland Disability Access Service (DAS) unless you have other special needs. The cast member will see the wheelchair and accommodate you based on that alone. Many of the attractions lines can accommodate wheelchairs so you will be expected to get in those lines with the wheelchair. Some cannot fit an ECV but have a wheelchair for you to use in line. A lot of rides have alternate handicap entrances. See below for a list of rides and what types of handicap entrances they have.

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Feeling Peace, Finding Forgiveness

Forgiveness is about being at peace. Forgiveness is about your happiness, not the one who hurt you. Learn to let go of past pain and move on toward peace.

Do you ever find yourself stuck thinking about what someone did that hurt you and you find anger and frustration building up inside? Does forgiveness seem impossible because the person doesn’t care about what they did or they haven’t asked for forgiveness? Maybe they have asked for it, but their actions hurt you greatly and seem too big to ever forgive.

Forgiveness is about being at peace. Forgiveness is about you and your happiness, not the one who hurt you. When we forgive, we are no longer controlled by the things that happened to us and we can move on with life. When we continue to carry the hurt and pain around, the person that hurt us continues to have space inside our head. DON’T give them that space.

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How to Stop Back Talk and Whining

How to Stop Backtalk and Whining

Are you at your wits end with your kids whining, back talk, and arguing? There’s only so many times you can say “No! Stop that!” before you feel like a broken record. Here’s some ideas on how to get the behavior you want from your kids and a behavior chart to help keep the repetitive “no’s” at a minimum.

1. Nip whining at the bud. Acknowledge your child. Many times they just want one-on-one attention. Stop what you are doing, give eye contact and listen. If that doesn’t work, use “I” statements: “I don’t like it when you use that voice.” “I can’t understand you when you speak to me that way.” “If you want to play outside, try asking me like this . . . ” Model good behavior.

2. Understand what’s behind the back talk. First, it helps to understand that kids back talk may escalate during stages where they are learning to exert their independence. 7-10 year olds especially like things to be fair and if they feel that something isn’t fair, they will be quick to defend themselves. Dr. Sears says that as long as it’s not a bickering match and is respectful, parents should be open to their child’s defense and listen. (i.e. if they are accused of dawdling when they had to run inside to grab something they forgot). Apologize if you jumped the gun and realize you made a mistake in getting upset.

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Buying Baby Clothes on a Budget

Buying baby clothes on a budget

Gotta love how fast babies grow. It’s so fun to see the changes as the months go by, but it’s not so fun on the budget to have to keep buying new clothes. I’ve been able to get a whole season’s wardrobe for under $50 by shopping smart. These tips will help you save money so you can worry less about what you’re spending and enjoy those fun milestones when another set of clothes is outgrown.

1. Childrensplace.com clearance saves a bundle. I just stocked up on a few shirts and shorts for my 3 year old for next summer for $2-3 apiece. End of season clearance is a great way to save a ton of money. These clearance sales usually happen in the middle of the season. (Summer clearance tends to happen in July, winter clearance in February). Sign-up for their emails so you can find out when their free shipping days are (no minimum order), as well as their monster sales or clearance deals. Combine that with the 20-25% off coupons that are always floating around (google it for the latest codes) and “Place Cash” (earn $10 for every $20 spent when the promotion is on) and you could be spending $1-2 per item.

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How to Stop Hair Loss in Women

7 Ways to Stop Hair Loss and Thicken Your Hair
Photo by louisabergermann @ flickr.com

Are you struggling with hair loss or thinning? Are you losing way more hair than you used to after you shower or brush it out? About a year ago, my hair started falling out like crazy. I’d take a shower and the amount of loose hairs I was pulling out was about triple my normal rate. Then I’d comb my wet hair out and get another huge pile. I started getting really worried and freaking out so I researched hair loss in women extensively and tried many ideas. My hair is now back to normal after months of trial and error. Here’s some tips that worked for me, along with a couple other ideas that have been shown to reduce hair loss and thicken hair.

1. Eat foods that strengthen hair. Dark leafy greens (especially spinach), walnuts, cinnamon, eggs, carrots, protein from lean meats, and greek yogurt all have properties that help strengthen hair. Foods high in Vitamin C like citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, and pineapple have antioxidant properties that strengthen hair and give it shine. Also, make sure you are drinking enough water. Dehydration can contribute to hair loss. We need to be drinking eight 8 oz glass of water per day (2 Liters).

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