Make Kids Chores Fun with a Job Jar


Using a job jar for my kids summer jobs has saved my sanity. I don't have to think of different chores every day and they can't complain about what they got because they chose it! Free job jar label and 30 job ideas to print out.

Do you have your kids do jobs around the house? Does it get old trying to think of things for them to do without boring them to tears? I used to get so tired of thinking of chores my kids could do each day in the summer. Until, I created a job jar. This has saved my sanity, taught the kids new ways to think of cleaning, and prevented them from being bored with doing the same thing every day.

These are jobs that work for most kids ages 5-12, such as sweeping the kitchen, doing the clean (or dirty) dishes, cleaning a bathroom sink and mirror, vacuuming the living room and hall, etc. My kids ages 5-7 chose 1 job, 8-12 year olds chose 2 jobs. The younger kids will likely need help from me to learn how to do their job and it may be exchanged for an easier one when needed. All of the kids also have to make their bed and pick up their clothes off their floor each morning and they rotate which day they are in charge of caring for our cats. The kids chores are picked from the job jar on weekdays, and Saturdays are “Super Room Cleaning Day”, when they are expected to deep clean their room and vacuum it.

My teenagers have a more adult-like schedule, using a weekly job chart with laundry day twice a week (they do their own laundry), a clean their bathroom day, yard work day, and a mom’s choice day, where I choose other chores that I need help with. On Saturdays, all of the kids are expected to do a thorough room cleaning, picking up trash, dishes, clothes, vacuuming, and changing sheets (every other week). Toddlers and preschoolers help pick up toys, make their beds, take the garbage out, and other simple tasks.

Copy and Paste the image below for your free job jar label.

Job Jar Label

Here are some ideas for your job jar:

Some of these jobs are likely too difficult for kids younger than 8. You can either divide the kids chores up into your own age categories with separate jars, or if your younger children pick a job that is too hard for them to learn, have them put it back and pick another one. After they pick a job, put it into a separate container or envelope so they don’t repeat the same jobs frequently. Dump all the jobs back into the job jar to start a new week.

20 Kids Chores

Download a free pdf with 30 kids chores to put into your job jar:

Download (PDF, 52KB)

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