How to Stop Hair Loss in Women

7 Ways to Stop Hair Loss and Thicken Your Hair
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Are you struggling with hair loss or thinning? Are you losing way more hair than you used to after you shower or brush it out? About a year ago, my hair started falling out like crazy. I’d take a shower and the amount of loose hairs I was pulling out was about triple my normal rate. Then I’d comb my wet hair out and get another huge pile. I started getting really worried and freaking out so I researched hair loss in women extensively and tried many ideas. My hair is now back to normal after months of trial and error. Here’s some tips that worked for me, along with a couple other ideas that have been shown to reduce hair loss and thicken hair.

1. Eat foods that strengthen hair. Dark leafy greens (especially spinach), walnuts, cinnamon, eggs, carrots, protein from lean meats, and greek yogurt all have properties that help strengthen hair. Foods high in Vitamin C like citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, and pineapple have antioxidant properties that strengthen hair and give it shine. Also, make sure you are drinking enough water. Dehydration can contribute to hair loss. We need to be drinking eight 8 oz glass of water per day (2 Liters).

2. Use paraben and sulfate free shampoo. I like Loma, but I’m sure there are others that are great. I got it from my hairdresser. Sulfate has been found to cause hair loss and hair thinning because it deteriorates the follicles of the hair and growth slows down. Here’s list of 41 Sulfate free shampoos. Paraben is an inexpensive chemical used to stop bacterial growth. It can cause skin sensitivities among other things.

3. Try to reduce stress or at least realize that when under a lot of stress, it contributes to hair loss. Sometimes it’s not realistically possible to lower the amount of stress we are under, but hopefully the times of stress eb and flow so it’s not a constant. The more I’m able to de-stress, the better my body (and hair) feels.

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress levels. Matthew Stults-Kolehmainen, Ph.D., a kinesiologist at the Yale Stress Center, said that raising your heart rate can reverse damage to the brain caused by stressful events. He said “Stress atrophies the brain — especially the hippocampus, which is responsible for a lot, but memory in particular. When you’re stressed, you forget things. Exercise, by contrast, promotes production of neurohormones like norepinephrine that are associated with improved cognitive function, elevated mood and learning.”

4. Try supplements. My doctor recommended a supplement with Selenium and a high amount of Biotin. She suggest a hair, skin, nails type of supplement and after researching a few possibilities I settled on “It Works! Hair, Skin, and Nails”. You have to get it from a distributor, but if you do the wholesale membership, which is a 3 month shipment commitment, it ends up just being $33 for a one month supply. After your 3 month commitment is up, you can stop the automatic shipments if you want and order as needed at the wholesale price. After my hair loss had greatly improved, I started taking the supplements just once a day instead of twice and find myself maintaining fine on the lower dose. So my bottle lasts two months instead of one. The green drinks are also a great way to get those needed greens, which also help your hair and overall health.

Ingredients in It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails

Hair Skin Nails ingredients

My doctor also recommended an iodine supplement, two drops per day. She prefers Ludol’s Solution. I didn’t like the taste so I didn’t stick with this one, but it may help you. Also, Vitamins B, D, E, magnesium, and evening primrose oil have been shown to help some people.

5. Make sure nothing is going on physically that could be behind the hair loss and needs medical treatment. Thyroid disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, lupus, psoriasis, alopecia, and other medical conditions can cause hair loss. I switched my thyroid medication. I had been taking Synthroid for years and it was fine up until this point. So I switched to Armour for a couple months, and then switched again to Nature Throid. Amazingly, this prescription was much cheaper and works a lot better for me. Also, check your iron levels. Low iron can cause hair loss.

6. Omega-3 fatty acids. Eating fatty fish, like salmon, twice a week can improve your hair’s strength and shine. Or take Omega-3 supplements. In addition to silky hair, omega-3s may also help to relieve depression and improve the health of your heart.

7. Remember that your self-worth is not attached to your hair. It’s incredibly hard and when your hair is falling out, it’s about all you can think about. Just remember that your friends and family love you for who you are, not because you have gorgeous hair!

Lots more tips, including some interesting home remedies can be found at:
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I’d love to hear your comments and other suggestions on what has worked for you!



6 thoughts on “How to Stop Hair Loss in Women

  1. Thank you. This is inspiring and very helpful. I am hoping to find out what the cause is of my hair loss. I feel just as worried as you were.☹️

  2. I’ve been thinking about trying hair, skin, nails…in your opinion if you take it for a few months and then stop, would that cause hair loss?

    • I have stopped using it regularly after my hair got back to its usual thickness. I didn’t notice any negative effects from stopping them. If I find my hair needing a boost or that it’s falling out more again, I will resume taking them. I thought they were very helpful.

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