Easy New Year’s Eve Family Party Ideas

11 Easy New Year's Eve Family Party Ideas. Quickly throw together a fun family New Year's Eve party with little prep time with these tips!

Do you have plans for your family’s New Year’s Eve party yet? Make it easy with these ideas!

Sometimes it seems like New Year’s Eve planning becomes an afterthought when the Christmas rush is over. All my energy and brain power seems to get used up working on Christmas fun. I take a couple days off to re-group and let the kids have fun playing with their new stuff, then I look at the calendar and it’s only a few days until New Year’s Eve. To make it easier for myself (and you), I’ve made a list of fun and easy things we’ve done in the past and a few new ideas to try. What are your favorite New Year’s Eve family party ideas?

Group Games

1. Wits and Wagers Family Edition. We just got this game for Christmas and have already played it a couple times. I love that even young kids ages 6 and up can play this game. You can play it as 5 individuals or on teams (up to 20 people). First, a clue is read, like “In feet, what is the tallest sand castle ever built?” Each team writes down their answer on a small white dry erase board. Then all the teams answers are put on the table and ordered from smallest to largest. Everyone puts their game pieces on the answer they think is the closest to the real answer without going over. You get points if you guessed the most correct answer. The questions are hilarious and interesting. All ages seem to like this game.

2. Rollick. This is a team charades game. Instead of one person acting the clues out for their team, several people from the team act it out together (without talking) while the rest of the team guesses. This game always has us laughing. It can easily be played with 8-20ish people.

3. What’s Yours Like? We actually play this without a board game but having the game might make it easier to think of ideas. It’s a simple game to do without any game pieces and is fun in groups of about six up to 20+. Kids ages 8 and up can usually participate easily. One person in the group goes out of the room while the rest of the group discusses what they want the person to guess. It needs to be something that everybody has (shoes, eyes, bed, toothbrush, etc.). Once everyone in the group knows what they are going to be describing, the person comes back in and randomly points to someone and asks “What’s yours like?” That person then uses one word or a short phrase to describe something about what theirs is like. When the person in the middle guesses it correctly, someone else goes out. It could be a volunteer or you could have the person that gave the last clue (that gave it away) be the next one in the middle.

For More ideas, check out Amazon.com’s Top Games for Families

Fun and Easy Food

1. A fruit and cheese platter with your favorite fruits and cheeses.

2. A yummy cheese ball with your favorite crackers (Ritz, Townhouse, Wheat Thins, etc.) Rachel Ray has a post with six different cheese ball recipes or buy one at the grocery store.

Cheese Ball Recipes from Rachael Ray
Cheese Ball Recipes from Rachael Ray

3. Your favorite dip with chips. There’s some great looking recipes at http://allrecipes.com/recipes/105/appetizers-and-snacks/dips-and-spreads/. Costco has a delicious spinach artichoke dip that we love.

4. Appetizers and finger foods. There’s some amazing looking recipes on classyclutter.net. One easy thing we love to do is make mini pizzas from refrigerated biscuits. Just flatten the biscuit and then put some pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and any other favorite toppings on there and cook it for the same amount of time you would cook the biscuits.

11 Delicious New Years Appetizers from classyclutter.net
New Years Appetizers from classyclutter.net

Make it easy and grab your favorite dips, finger foods, and treats at Costco, Trader Joe’s, or another grocery store. Besides Costco’s yummy spinach artichoke dip and chips, their cream puffs and bite size brownies are delicious.

Favorite Family Movies

Now is a great time for a movie marathon or a longer movie that you love since you’ve got hours to kill.

Some favorite family movies that kids and adults can all enjoy:
Harry Potter, Star Wars, Avengers, Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and Monsters University, Home Alone, Sound of Music, Shrek, Ice Age, Despicable Me, and Night at the Museum

Party Decorations, Hats, and Noise Makers

Make it easy and grab some cheap colorful plastic table cloths with matching plates and cups at your local party or dollar store. Add some streamers, balloons, hats and noise makers and you’re good to go. Or go all out with some of these great ideas on Buzz Feed. I especially love this moon pinata idea. There’s ideas on there about making your own pom pom decorations, noise makers, party hats, masks, and more.

New Year's Eve Decoration Ideas from Buzz Feed
New Year’s Eve Decoration Ideas from Buzz Feed

These DIY Chalkboard Party Hats look fun and easy. Have everyone make their own during the party. Found on tatertotsandjello.com

New Years Chalkboard Hats

Plastic champagne glasses or party cups with your favorite drink to toast in the New Year

We turn on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show for about the last 20-30 min so we can ring in the New Year with their countdown. It makes it more fun. Make a toast with your family and ring in the New Year with your noise makers and good wishes. Our favorite New Year’s drink is sparkling apple or pear cider.

Title photo by Beacon at flickr.com

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