The Ultimate List of First Chapter Books

Finding first chapter books that kids enjoy can make or break their love of reading. These 25 favorite chapter books are divided in two reading levels, grades 1-3 & 2-4, making it easy to find the right book. Most are book series, giving kids tons of reading fun!

Finding enjoyable first chapter books for growing readers can make or break their love of reading. My kids are all avid readers and many of these are some of their favorite books that we have on our bookshelves. I’ve divided the list into Easy Beginning Chapter Books, for grades 1-3, and Chapter Books for grades 2-4.

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25 Travel Games and Activities for All Ages


Fun travel games and activities to pass the time when traveling, whether by car or plane. Categorized by age group, from toddlers to adults, plus fun activities for the whole family.Travel games and activities help make the time pass faster when traveling. Our family likes to have a variety of things to do when we travel to keep boredom at bay. Most of these work great in the car or on an airplane. This list of activities is divided by age range to make it easy for you to find the perfect thing for yourself or your family members. From toddlers to adults, there’s something for everyone.

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10 Tips for Potty Training a Reluctant Toddler

When potty training doesn't happen in a "magical" 3 day weekend and progress seems slow and hard, don't give up! Just adjust your expectations, give it time, and try to be patient. It will happen. Here's 10 tips that worked for my reluctant toddler.

For some of us, potty training doesn’t happen with just a 3 day potty training weekend. I’m not sure that’s truly reality for anyone, but when your toddler isn’t moving along as fast as his friends or your other children did, it can be frustrating. You might wonder if he/she will EVER be potty trained! Now that I’ve finally made it to the other side with my youngest child, I can confidently say that IT WILL HAPPEN.

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Make Kids Chores Fun with a Job Jar


Using a job jar for my kids summer jobs has saved my sanity. I don't have to think of different chores every day and they can't complain about what they got because they chose it! Free job jar label and 30 job ideas to print out.

Do you have your kids do jobs around the house? Does it get old trying to think of things for them to do without boring them to tears? I used to get so tired of thinking of chores my kids could do each day in the summer. Until, I created a job jar. This has saved my sanity, taught the kids new ways to think of cleaning, and prevented them from being bored with doing the same thing every day.

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Skin Cancer Prevention Tips plus Best Products

Did you know just 1 severe sunburn or 5 moderate sunburns doubles your risk of melanoma? Protect yourself and your kids with these 9 skin cancer prevention tips you may not know, plus top recommended sun protection clothing, sunscreen, and self-tanning lotion.

It’s skin cancer prevention month. The perfect time to evaluate what we are doing to protect ourselves and our kids. This is especially important to me because I had skin cancer at only 37 years old and I want to prevent my kids from dealing with this too. The rate of skin cancer is growing each year, with 3 million people getting non-melanoma skin cancer and over 10,000 dying this year from melanoma. Did you know that one severe sunburn as a child doubles your chances of melanoma as an adult? Having more than 5 sunburns doubles the risk as well. Skin cancer prevention starts with us parents being a good example, teaching our children about it, and making sure we are protecting them and ourselves.

How do you protect yourself? We all know about wearing sunscreen but here’s some tips for skin cancer prevention you may not know, plus some of my favorite products:

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