Buying Baby Clothes on a Budget

Buying baby clothes on a budget

Gotta love how fast babies grow. It’s so fun to see the changes as the months go by, but it’s not so fun on the budget to have to keep buying new clothes. I’ve been able to get a whole season’s wardrobe for under $50 by shopping smart. These tips will help you save money so you can worry less about what you’re spending and enjoy those fun milestones when another set of clothes is outgrown.

1. clearance saves a bundle. I just stocked up on a few shirts and shorts for my 3 year old for next summer for $2-3 apiece. End of season clearance is a great way to save a ton of money. These clearance sales usually happen in the middle of the season. (Summer clearance tends to happen in July, winter clearance in February). Sign-up for their emails so you can find out when their free shipping days are (no minimum order), as well as their monster sales or clearance deals. Combine that with the 20-25% off coupons that are always floating around (google it for the latest codes) and “Place Cash” (earn $10 for every $20 spent when the promotion is on) and you could be spending $1-2 per item.

2. Target clearance combined with Target Cartwheel coupons. Occasionally they will have a coupon offer for 20% extra off the lowest clearance price. This is the time when you can really score, especially if the clothes are already half off. Here’s a helpful article on Target’s clearance schedule and how to read Target’s clearance tags. Target Clearance Tips

3. Kohl’s promos and super sales. I don’t have as much luck with the clearance sales at my local Kohl’s (it’s usually pretty picked over by then and the discounts don’t seem that high), but I’ve found that when you combine a coupon and Kohl’s cash with the beginning of the season sales, it’s often cheaper than the 50% off clearance racks at the end of the season anyway. I tend to get babies and toddler shirts and pants or shorts for $3-4 each this way. Sign up for their e-mails and they will send you 15-20% off coupons regularly and they do Kohl’s Cash promos pretty often, where you get $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend. The $10 Kohl’s cash is good for a future visit during about a one week window (the dates are listed on your Kohl’s Cash). I like that the Kohl’s Cash does not require a minimum purchase like Old Navy does with their Super Cash. Just remember to come back and use it. I like to leave one or two items off my list that I need when I shop the first time and come back a week or so later with the $10 discount. They sometimes run $10 off $30 coupons as well in the newspaper or emails. They also have a reward’s program called Yes2You. Every dollar spent converts to 1 point, 100 points equals a $5 reward to use the next month. Yes2You Info



4. Costco has great deals on Carter’s brand clothes and pajamas. I almost always buy my babies and kids footie sleeper p.j.s here. They are about $6 each on sale in the fall. I have priced them all over my town and very rarely find them on sale any cheaper elsewhere. They also put their Carter’s baby and toddler outfits on sale pretty regularly so you can get an outfit for about $7-8. And you can’t beat the price on their coats and jackets for toddlers. Last year I got a good quality toddler coat and snow pants set for about $29.99. I’ve also gotten London Fog toddlers jackets for about $20. They have great deals on babies and toddlers Halloween costumes as well. They run around $12.99-14.99 where I live.

5. Discount stores like Burlington Coat Factory/Baby Depot, Ross, and Wal-mart can be great places to shop for baby blankets, sleepers, socks, shoes, baby bath towels, bibs, feeding supplies, and similar items. They usually all carry Carter’s brand as well as a couple other brands. Target tends to run a little more expensive on these baby necessities and mall stores are going to run you quite a bit more.

If you have any questions, or need clarification on any of these ideas, please comment so I can help you out! I’d love to hear your best budget busters to get baby and kids clothes cheap.

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