Skin Cancer Prevention Tips plus Best Products

Did you know just 1 severe sunburn or 5 moderate sunburns doubles your risk of melanoma? Protect yourself and your kids with these 9 skin cancer prevention tips you may not know, plus top recommended sun protection clothing, sunscreen, and self-tanning lotion.

It’s skin cancer prevention month. The perfect time to evaluate what we are doing to protect ourselves and our kids. This is especially important to me because I had skin cancer at only 37 years old and I want to prevent my kids from dealing with this too. The rate of skin cancer is growing each year, with 3 million people getting non-melanoma skin cancer and over 10,000 dying this year from melanoma. Did you know that one severe sunburn as a child doubles your chances of melanoma as an adult? Having more than 5 sunburns doubles the risk as well. Skin cancer prevention starts with us parents being a good example, teaching our children about it, and making sure we are protecting them and ourselves.

How do you protect yourself? We all know about wearing sunscreen but here’s some tips for skin cancer prevention you may not know, plus some of my favorite products:

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How to Create a Summer Schedule for Kids

Tips for reducing your stress and your kids boredom during summer break. How to create a summer schedule, including ideas for chores, fun activities, and learning time, including educational websites.

It’s hard to believe that summer vacation is around the corner. As much as I love having the kids home more, and not having numerous school activities and homework to balance, I also dread the inevitable boredom and fighting that is bound to happen. Thankfully, I can minimize that by organizing a summer schedule. Having a daily routine helps the kids to pass the time and reduces anxiety and questions about what we’re going to do today. Creating a summer schedule is also a great way to reduce your stress and your kids boredom during summer break.

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46 Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

Do you dread hearing "I'm bored!" from your kids this summer? This list of 46 activities kids can do on their own at home will help! And none of them require electronics. Print off the chart, and make it easy for the kids to find things to do.

I love summer, the beautiful weather, more family time, less scheduling, but there’s one thing I dread, hearing the words “I’m bored!” from my kids. This year, I’ve made it easy to answer the boredom blues with this fun list of summer boredom busters that most kids can do on their own around the house. For some of the activities, they will need a sibling or friend to do them with them. Most of them are easy for kids ages 6 and up, but a few of the activities will require help from an older sibling or a parent.

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How to Be Happy When You’re Single Again

How to heal after a divorce or break-up and be happy when you're single again. Don't get stuck in the past, happiness and joy is just around the corner!

It can be really hard to be happy when you’re single again after a long-term relationship. Several years ago, I found myself single with 3 little girls after being married for 10 years. Those first few months I was single again threw me for a loop and it took awhile to feel like my head was above water. But, it did happen! I got my feet back on the ground and began to create the life I wanted for myself and my kids. Here’s some ideas on how to move forward and find happiness again as a single person.

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