46 Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

Do you dread hearing "I'm bored!" from your kids this summer? This list of 46 activities kids can do on their own at home will help! And none of them require electronics. Print off the chart, and make it easy for the kids to find things to do.

I love summer, the beautiful weather, more family time, less scheduling, but there’s one thing I dread, hearing the words “I’m bored!” from my kids. This year, I’ve made it easy to answer the boredom blues with this fun list of summer boredom busters that most kids can do on their own around the house. For some of the activities, they will need a sibling or friend to do them with them. Most of them are easy for kids ages 6 and up, but a few of the activities will require help from an older sibling or a parent.

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46 Summer Boredom Busters

1. Blow bubbles outside
2. Make paper airplanes and fly them
3. Dance to your favorite music
4. Build a fort with chairs and blankets
5. Read a joke book and tell some to your friends
6. Play hide and seek
7. Play on the swingset
8. Play with playdough
9. Do a wordsearch or crossword puzzle
10. Play jump rope or hopscotch
11. Make up a funny skit
12. Play catch
13. Create a new song
14. Play Mad Libs with a friend
15. Play a board game or card game
16. Practice basketball or play HORSE
17. Read a book
18. Learn a magic trick
19. Ride your bike
20. Put together a puzzle
21. Make cookies
22. Have a water gun fight outside
23. Write a story
24. Play i-spy
25. Draw pictures and hang them in your room
26. Cut out pictures from a magazine and make a collage
27. Run through sprinklers or do slip n slide
28. Call your grandparents
29. Make your own backyard treasure hunt
30. Create an obstacle course in your backyard
31. Watch a fun movie with popcorn
32. Play frisbee
33. Write in your journal
34. Draw pictures with sidewalk chalk
35. Play a soccer game or practice skills
36. Make a movie with your friends
37. Use window markers to decorate your window
38. Take the dog for a walk or play with your pets
39. Have a picnic in the backyard
40. Build with Legos or blocks
41. Play hangman, tic tac toe, or other games with sidewalk chalk
42. Play tag with friends
43. Look for birds and bugs in your yard
44. Imagine the clouds are funny animals
45. Watch home videos
46. Learn origami

What fun ideas do you have to add to this list? How do your kids spend those long summer days?


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