25 Travel Games and Activities for All Ages


Fun travel games and activities to pass the time when traveling, whether by car or plane. Categorized by age group, from toddlers to adults, plus fun activities for the whole family.Travel games and activities help make the time pass faster when traveling. Our family likes to have a variety of things to do when we travel to keep boredom at bay. Most of these work great in the car or on an airplane. This list of activities is divided by age range to make it easy for you to find the perfect thing for yourself or your family members. From toddlers to adults, there’s something for everyone.

Travel Games and Activities by Age Level

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Toddlers ages 2-4

1. Lauri Toddler Tote. Mini rubber puzzles, lacing shapes, pegboards and more.
2. Melissa and Doug Animal Puzzle Book. Magnetic animals pieces so they don’t get lost!
3. Magnetic Fun Tin comes with tons of fun magnets for imaginative play. Not for little ones still putting things in their mouths.
4. Melissa and Doug Water Wow Coloring Book. Use a water pen to color in the pictures, let them dry and start over!
5. Crayola Color Wonder. The special markers only color on color wonder paper so you don’t have to worry about it!

Kids ages 4-7

1. Fisher Price Doodle Pro, Trip Size This is the perfect size to take along in the car or on a plane.
2. Melissa and Doug Habitats Reusable Sticker Pad, 5 scenes with over 150 stickers to imagine with.
3. Hidden Pictures Super Deluxe 96 pages of fun finding the hidden objects in the pictures.
4. Kids Kindle Fire with Kidproof case. My 4 year old loves his kindle fire. There are so many free and cheap game and learning apps for preschoolers and older kids. I love that it keeps him busy for a long time. This one has a 2 year replacement guarantee so you don’t have to worry if the kids break it.
5. Wikki Stix Traveler Playset. Older kids love these too. You can create almost anything with wikki stix. Includes a booklet with ideas.

Kids ages 7-11

1. The Everything Kids Puzzle Book: Mazes, Word Games, Puzzles and More 144 pages with a huge variety of activities from mazes, to decoding, puzzles, hangman, and matching.
2. National Geographic Kids Ultimate Road Atlas. More than just an atlas! Lots of fun with road maps of all the states, games, wacky roadside attractions, fun and weird facts, and photos of cool things.
3. Vacation Fun Mad Libs. Create hilarious stories with Mad Libs. Our family loves these.
4. National Geographic Kids Why? Over 1,111 Answers to Everything; Time for Kids: Big book of Why; and the Weird but True series. Cool and crazy facts that kids love. They also have books based on how things work and strange and fun facts that kids this age love.
5. Travel Tangoes: Animals. Use the 7 magnetic shapes provided to recreate 24 different animals in the book.


Ages 12 and up

1. Rubik’s Cube. The fun original game is back! Mix them up and challenge someone to see who is fastest.
2. The Next Generation 20Q. It asks you 20 yes or no questions and tries to guess what you are thinking. Tons of fun and really accurate.
3. Now I Know: The Revealing Stories Behind the World’s Most Interesting Facts. Interesting trivia that’s fun to read.
4. Brain Games. Many types of puzzles and brain games, including logic puzzles, mazes, crosswords, and more.
5. Creative Haven Dream Doodles Set. Adult coloring book with intricate designs, includes coloring pencils and pens.


Fun travel games and activities for the whole family:

1. Rubberneckers game. The cards tell you interesting and funny things to look for and whoever sees it first gets a point.
2. Spot it! On the Road. 5 different ways to play the game including travel BINGO.
3. Reader’s Digest Funny Family Jokes. Geared toward age 9 and up. Laughter is a great way to pass the time!
4. Loaded Questions Junior. For ages 6 and up. 200 creative and unique questions for a fun conversation.
5. The Best of Wee Sing. Fun songs to sing along to in the car with the kids. Especially for ages 2-10.

What are some of your family’s favorite travel games and activities to pass the time?

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  1. This is AWESOME! I actually have 4 of the 5 things on your toddler list in my car right now, because tomorrow we move cross-country and we’re going on a 2-week long road trip! Now I’m wondering if i can find Rubberneckers locally, because that sounds fun for the grownups in the car :) Great (and timely) post!

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