25 More Gratitude Journal Prompts

25 More Gratitude Journal Prompts and Ideas

Gratitude Journals are a great way to remember the good things in life. They can uplift us and help us reflect on the things that make us happy. They are also a great way to document your life. For me, it’s a lot easier to write a few lines in a gratitude journal than to fill a page about my life in a regular journal. This list is a sequel to my first post 25 Gratitude Journal Prompts and Ideas. Following this list, there is a free PDF printable for you to create a bookmark for your journal. I like to print mine on cardstock colored paper and laminate it with Con-tact paper so it lasts longer.

25 More Gratitude Journal Prompts Bookmark

1. What is something that you are good at doing?
2. What is a favorite memory about your grandparents?
3. What makes you happy when you feel down?
4. Tell about a parenting moment that made you feel happy
5. Where was your last vacation? Tell about it
6. What is a happy memory from 5 years ago?
7. What songs do you love listening to lately? Favorite music artist?
8. What is something you love about your Dad?
9. Tell about something nice a friend did for you recently or long ago
10. What is something sweet your spouse has done for you?
11. What is a service you gave that made you feel good?
12. What is something interesting you have read recently?
13. What is a basic necessity that you are grateful for?
14. Who do you turn to when you need a listening ear?
15. What is something nice you saw a stranger do for someone recently?
16. What’s the best thing that happened this week?
17. What is a challenge that you faced and overcame or are working on overcoming?
18. What is something you love about your Mom?
19. What is something that comes easily for you that might be hard for others?
20. What do you like most about the way you look–favorite physical trait?
21. What is something you own that you are grateful for?
22. What is something you are looking forward to in the next few months?
23. What is something that makes your life easier?
24. What is something beautiful about where you live?
25. What is something you feel happy about accomplishing in your life?

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9 thoughts on “25 More Gratitude Journal Prompts

  1. Those are great prompts. I never did a gratitude journal I thought they were religious so never paid attention. I could totally do this though :)

  2. These are good things to ponder? I am glad to have found these. I will surely take note of this and share it with my wife.

  3. This is awesome! I need to make myself a gratitude journal! Such a great reminder of the positibe aspects of our lives!

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