25 Gratitude Journal Prompts and Ideas

25 Gratitude Journal Prompts and Ideas

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I’ve never been a great journal writer. There are gaps of several months between entries. With this being Thanksgiving month, a time when I naturally focus more on gratitude, I thought it would be the perfect month to start a gratitude journal. I have a 5 1/2″ X 8 1/2″ hardcover journal with a beautiful Thomas Kinkade photo on the front cover that I got some time ago but haven’t used yet. I think this will be the perfect use for it. There are tons of beautiful journals in a wide variety of styles and price range on Amazon.com.

Other ideas I’ve seen for gratitude journals are as simple as using any notebook. Dress up a composition notebook by printing a cute cover and gluing it on. There are some nice ones at lifeyourway.net and courtneyaitken.blogspot.com.

I’ve written a list of prompts and created a bookmark with them on it to help me get started and make it easier and faster to write something each day. My goal is to write a few sentences per day using one of the questions or I will try to list three things that happened that day that I am grateful for. Here’s my list of writing prompts. After the list, I’ve included a free PDF printable of two bookmarks that I created to stick in my journal. One for you and one to share with a friend or family member. I printed mine on yellow cardstock paper. I laminated it with clear Con-tact paper so it doesn’t bend or get ruined easily.

25 prompts for writing in a gratitude journal

1. What made you smile today?
2. What is one thing you love about yourself?
3. Who are you grateful for and what do you love about them?
4. What accomplishments in your life have brought you the most happiness?
5. What is different today than a year ago that you are grateful for?
6. What do you like about the current season?
7. What is something that one of your family members did today that made you happy?
8. What is something beautiful that you saw today?
9. What made you laugh today?
10. What is something that was hard to do but you did it anyway?
11. What is a favorite family outing you went on this past year?
12. What is something you are good at?
13. What gift did you love receiving this year?
14. What is something you love in nature?
15. What do you love about your parents?
16. What was the best thing that happened today?
17. What is a favorite family tradition?
18. What kindness did someone give today (to you or that you saw given to someone else)?
19. What do you like about where you live (your home/neighborhood/town)?
20. What do you love about one or more of your friends?
21. What is a trial or challenge that you overcame that has strengthened you?
22. What is a special memory from childhood?
23. What do you like about your job?
24. What spiritual beliefs are you grateful for?
25. What freedoms are you grateful for?

Download (PDF, Unknown)

For even more gratitude journal prompts, check out my newest post “25 More Gratitude Journal Prompts“, which includes a new bookmark pdf.

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