11 Favorite Preschooler Learning Apps

11 Favorite Preschooler Learning Apps

These 11 apps are favorites of my 3 year old. They are engaging, fun, and help him learn matching, memory, numbers, letters, and other skills. They are perfect for most 2-4 year olds. We especially love the convenience of grabbing our kindle and keeping him occupied while waiting at a Dr.’s office, in the car, or when mom just needs to get a few things done around the house. Most are available on itunes, google play and amazon.com.

1. Pixel Envisions Puzzle Games. There are several different apps including animals, trains & planes, fairy tales, and community vehicles. They are worth the extra $1.99 to unlock all the puzzles. After they match the puzzle pieces, balloons fly up that they can pop. It makes really fun sounds too.

Puzzle app trainsAnimal puzzle app

2. Chuggington Ready to Build – Train Play by Bridge Studios. Learn how to build things and put them together. They can drive the train, controlling speed and direction, clean up spills, put out fires, etc. This is a mentally engaging game that gets them thinking about problem solving and creativity.

Chuggington app

3. Lego Duplo Train by The LEGO Group. Easily build a train by clicking on a few choices of cars, then make the train run and do fun activities along the way. And help the people get on and off the train.

Lego Duplo Train App

4. The Wheels on the Bus by TabTale LTD. Huge variety of games, with the traditional Wheels on the Bus song, a coloring page where they can “paint” their own picture, a musical horn where they can make their own music, a car race game, puzzles, and memory matching.

Wheels on the bus app

5. Preschool All-in-one Learning Bubble School Adventure by 22Learn. Pop the bubble and match what you are asked to find. There’s also a mode where you click on the bubble and learn the names of animals, letters, and numbers.

Preschool Learning Bubble School Adventure app

6. Kids Animal Train: Preschool and Kindergarten Learning, Matching, and Reading Adventure by 22Learn. A cute train chugs along to different animal places. It teaches shapes, colors, animal recognition, and memory skills.

Kids animal train app

7. Chuggington Ready to Rescue Interactive Pop-Up Book by Story Toys. There’s 3D interactive scenes that go along with the story. They have to click on something to do a task or fix something before the page turns. Cute story too.

Chuggington Pop up Book

8. My Vehicle Universe by TabTale LTD. This is a matching and memory game with moving vehicle shapes and puzzles. Four of the vehicle themes are free. The other four cost a small fee to unlock.

My Vehicle Universe

9. Mini Drivers by Sudden Games. Pick a vehicle (mail truck, helicopter, garbage truck, bus, etc) and go through town collecting things. Cute scenery and music. Helps with learning to count and recognizing colors.Mini Drivers App

10. Video Touch Apps by SoundTouch Interactive. The free animal one is good, but we loved them so much I bought a couple others as well. They have a theme like “Vehicles” or “Bugs and Insects”. My 3 year old has been enjoying these apps since he was about 18 months old and still loves them. You just click on a picture and it plays a quick video that’s a few seconds long with whatever you clicked on doing something funny or interesting. The videos are really engaging and often create laughter or questions about what they are doing. They are a great way for young children to learn more about the world around them and increase their vocabulary.

Video Touch AnimalsVideo Touch vehicles

11. Lego Juniors Create and Cruise by The LEGO Group. This one says it’s for ages 4-7 but my 3 year old can do most of it himself and loves it. Collect coins and different vehicle parts, then build your vehicle, and have fun driving it around. There’s no reading required. Encourages creativity and spatial reasoning when building with the different pieces.

Lego Juniors app

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