10 Ways You Can Fight Depression

The best way to fight depression is to take action, even if it's baby steps. These ideas will help you or a loved one fight depression or SAD. Free printable chart.

‘Tis the season when depression often steps up a notch. Cold, dark, wintry days when it’s hard to get outside for sunshine and fresh air create a recipe for seasonal depression and major depression to set in stronger than ever. However, there are things we can do to fight it! I created this visual to remind my family members of what we can do to help ourselves when we are feeling depressed. The best way to fight depression is to take action, even if it’s baby steps. Therapy and medication can be very helpful, but not all inclusive. These ideas can sometimes be enough without needing therapy and medication, and they can be great supplements in addition to therapy and medication.

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How to Fight Depression and Feel Better!

  • Exercise 3 to 5 times a week for 20-30 min. Walk, aerobics, basketball, bike, etc
  • Go outside and get some sun 30+ min a day or use a light therapy box in the winter for 15 min-2 hours a day
  • Practice Positive Thinking. Question negative thoughts. Are they reality? Look for positive things that happened that day and write them down.
  • Meditate. Try youtube videos or meditation apps.
  • Practice Deep, slow breathing
  • Yoga
  • Get in a routine with a daily schedule. Try to get your sleep back on track with regular bedtimes and wake-up times.
  • Don’t isolate yourself. Spend more time out of the bedroom than in it. Spend time with others.
  • Try new things. Do something different. Challenge yourself.
  • Do fun activities you used to love even when you don’t feel like it. Your mood may change after you get started.
  • Take multi-vitamins, supplements, prescribed medication
  • Try therapy


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  1. Love this gem of ideas for fighting Depression, whether short term or long-term. These ideas REALLY WORK…If we use them.

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